Moving from data to action

by Angela Glover Blackwell of PolicyLink

This equity atlas vividly demonstrates the power of data to tell the story of a changing region and what it needs to prosper in the future. Now you must use this data to drive action. Metro Atlanta must capitalize on its greatest asset—its rapidly growing, diverse population—to build a strong, equitable, sustainable economy. As the Atlas makes clear, almost all the growth in the region over the past decade has been driven by communities of color. Yet too many people in these communities are being left out and left behind. Longstanding inequities have resulted in significant gaps in education, employment, health, and wealth among the very populations that the region will depend on to be the workforce and business leaders of tomorrow. Closing these gaps is an economic imperative, for the region and the nation. Metro Atlanta, America’s seventh largest region, will effectively compete in the global marketplace only if all residents are fully able to participate in the economy and contribute to innovation. Policies and investments focus on connecting communities of color to jobs, transportation, housing, and quality education—in short, to all the opportunities and resources that make people, communities, regions, and the nation strong.
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Metro Atlanta Equity Atlas Reveal Event

Join The Partnership for Southern Equity on November 19th for the unveiling of the Metro Atlanta Equity Atlas or MAEA (pronounced ma-ya), the newest interactive data tool, designed to tell the story of spatial justice in the Metro Atlanta region. The first such project to be carried out in the American South, MAEA not only provides community stakeholders and policymakers with an up-to-date, easily accessible, data-rich resource, but also is capable of informing the larger debate on how to create a more fair and equitable region. Space is limited, register today!

When: Tue., Nov. 19, 6 p.m.
Price: FREE
The Loft at Castleberry Hill
DOWNTOWN ATLANTA 170 Northside Drive, Suite 96 Atlanta
phone 678.973.2160


How Food Gets Co-Operative: Site Visit to Georgia Avenue Food Cooperative

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting the Georgia Avenue Food Cooperative. What is a food cooperative? By definition it is, “food distribution outlet organized as a cooperative. Food cooperatives are usually consumer cooperatives where the decisions regarding the production and distribution of its food is chosen by its members.” (Wikipedia)

The Georgia Avenue Food Cooperative is an initiative of the Georgia Avenue Community Ministry. The initial co-op was launched in 1991 and subsequent ones came in 1994, 1999, 2000, 2008 and 2011. The motivation for the co-op was to provide food to low income families and individuals. Currently there are 7 co-ops, 6 of which are on site at the ministry. Each cooperative has a 50 member capacity and at the time of my visit there were 300 families being served. The goal of this co-operative is two-fold:

  1. Food Security (USDA defines this as” access by all people at all times to enough food for an active, healthy life.”)
  2. Fight homelessness