Data Resources

Though we’re a little biased towards the MAEA, there are other fantastic data tools and resources out there to help you achieve your objectives.  Here are a few we highly recommend:

Community Commons – This is probably one of the more comprehensive mapping applications available. However, the real value-add with this site is that is allows you to link you advocacy initiative with other similar efforts around the country and therefore creating a real mapping community of sorts.

GreenLaw Map Tool – Georgia-based environmental law firm GreenLaw has developed an online mapping tool which locates pollution points across 14 Metro Atlanta Counties. Their interactive dataset includes indicators on water, land and air pollution.

Health County Calculator – No area has done more around community mapping than the public health community. This tool in particular is sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The information is fascinating and the tool is incredibly interactive.

Mapping America – This phenomenal resource is made available by the New York Times. In addition to being powerful, it’s incredibly easy to use and allows you to look at very small areas of geography across a range of key areas including race, income, housing and education.

Neighborhood Nexus – If you’re looking for an Atlanta specific site, you’ll likely find the most comprehensive data indicators at  Additionally, they don’t just have maps, but provide data in all types of useful formats.

OASIS – The Georgia Department of Health’s Online Analytical Statistical Information System (OASIS) is a web based tool which warehouses statewide public health and public policy data.  There, visitors can obtain information on a range of health concerns from morbidity and infant mortality to behavioral health and more.

Policy Map – Much like Community Commons, this site provides comprehensive data on a range of indicators from real estate to neighborhood indicators. While certain maps require a paid subscription, there are a lot of maps one can produce at no cost.